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Morning Dispatches: Bench Clearers, Thunder Runs And A Note To Neal

Lafayette police and ConFire at the scene of a crash on Mt. Diablo Blvd.

It was a wild and wooly Friday night in the 24/680 last night as there was action on our sports fields and freeways and in our bars and restaurants. Night Man Mike Moran knew he was in for it when he got wind of a 110 mph pursuit on Highway 24 a mere 25 minutes into his shift.

“It was bumping,” Mike said, which is cool biker/hipster shorthand for busy. “And then the football fight broke out…”

And the motorized mayhem continued on into Saturday morning, with several cars making 100 mph-plus Thunder Runs along Highway 24 and others involved in a crash at Mt. Diablo Blvd. and Pleasant Hill Road around 10 a.m…

Usually, it’s our Tip Line that explodes with news of calamity, but last night – for Mike – it was Twitter that lit up as sports fans tried to reach out about a bench-clearing fight on the football field at John Swett High School in Crockett. Turned out it had been a nice evening and a hard-fought game between Swett and Oakland Tech with Marshawn Lynch on the sidelines for Tech and then whammo – Swett fans maintain a Tech coach swung on a Swett player and it was off to the races with more than 100 players, coaches and some fans on the field and either punching, pushing or on the field trying to stop people from punching and pushing.

Dion Evans wrote that there had been trouble at the JV game, too, with both teams declining to shake hands after the game.  “Marshawn Lynch was at the game on the OaklandTech sidelines. He was the highlight, then this!”

Sheriff’s deputies were called and Oakland Tech boarded their buses under the watchful eye of officers but the big Friday Night Under the Lights had been ruined.

“How can a grown man, COACH AT THAT, punch a high school player and escape being arrested?!?” Swett fan Jennifer Lopez wrote Mike. “Not cool in my eyes!”

We’re thinking maybe deputies opted for discretion in a choice between action and valor last night but we probably haven’t heard the end of this one.

Action on the field turned into different sort of contest Friday as Mike’s Twitter line (favored method of communication with people of his age group, apparently) began to hum with OMG’s and WYWH’s as supposedly adult people lit up by mega-expensive wine and other intoxicants began playing “Torture The Wait Staff.”

“What gives a person the right to do this?” Cillia wrote from a Danville restaurant. “And why is it always the 50-year-old muscle guy with the hat on backwards that does it?”

We don’t know, Cillia. Another one of life’s mysteries, we guess. But we oppose verbal abuse of people working hard for a living, by anyone but especially by older guys who wear their hats like Punky Brewster.

Ending on a nice note, NEWS24/680 salutes Moraga businessman and general Nice Guy Bill Snider, who we ran into Friday morning and who – as usual – was full of local news.

Turns out Bill was buying a Get Well card for another local fixture – Canyon’s Neal Young – a paralyzed Vietnam vet who has fallen on hard times and appears to have been admitted to a Veteran’s Administration hospital. Bill couldn’t let that go unnoticed so he’s reaching out…

If we find out where Neal is specifically and if he’s getting mail we’ll let you all know. It might be nice for him to get some mail…


  1. Went shopping this morning. That was enough for me. Bought enough to get us through the weekend. We’re staying home!

  2. When I was in high school, Mr. Young did our band a huge favor by recording our album in his home studio in Canyon…an unforgettable experience.

    • Very well known around Canyon and Moraga. Bill and others are trying to let him know he hasn’t been forgotten…

  3. I have noticed a increse in speeding incidents on Highway 24 lately and believe it is something other than commuters in a hurry to get to work.

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