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Window On The Playa: Burning Man Underway

Party on the Playa

If you have an aversion to desert dust, handi wipes, lack of basic sanitation, unbounded creativity, non-stop house music and lots of people wearing practically nothing or fantastical Mad Max costumes – you’re probably not at this years’ Burning Man festival in the Nevada Desert.

If you’re halfway interested in communal tenting, dustbowl performance art and an alternative approach to life in our wired day and age, and how it might be after a world-altering event drives us all into the desert – check out this Live Stream from the Playa.


  1. Great stream! I like the desert rat in the top hat with a bottle in each hand trying to get the girls to stop. VERY dirty old man!

  2. Reminiscent of the movie, King of Hearts, when the German soldiers and the French locals abandoned the booby-trapped town after opening the gates to the asylum…but with less visibility.

    What a great country!

  3. Nothing better than getting stoned and walking the playa behind a SilValley tech billionaire with his junk coated in dust like a floured trout. Its a party and a scene and you should make it at least once. Met a long term girlfriend at Distrikt. GREAT TIMES!!

  4. We were there in 2013 and it rocked. It’s a lot of fun and I’d recommend it if you like camping with lots of alternative activities and dancing into th e morning. The Live Stream is a kick! Brings back a lot of memories!! They weren’t doing that when we were there

  5. I watched the stream on this and it was pretty cool. We are organizing a trip to go next year – I just have to find the right people to take with me!!

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