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Scrawled “Threat” Prompts Las Lomas High School Evacuation

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Las Lomas High School in Walnut Creek is on lock down this afternoon after a scrawled note mentioning a “bomb” was found on a bathroom wall.

Students immediately left the school, gathering on the football field as is their protocol, and police were called.

There are no injuries, no imminent threat has been determined and police involvement has been described as “precautionary.”


  1. Last I checked, “It’s da bomb” is no longer cause to evacuate. That said, these kids don’t get snow days, don’t get tornado warnings. Let them enjoy a few extra minutes outside.

  2. Misaligned incentives. Government employees face no negative consequences from being unreasonably cautious/paranoid. I think that is totally wrong-headed. Doing things primarily for CYA reasons hurts our kids by interrupting school. But, far worse, it inculcates a terrible perspective on how adults should deal with risk (irrationally).

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