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The Morning Plume – Smoke Keeps On A’Rising


Beautiful morning, generally, with the Farmer’s Markets humming and people out and cycling and running and parading their animals – but there is also smoke in the air.

Firefighters are battling a stubborn grass fire off Franklin Canyon Road in Martinez and have just (10:35 p.m.) shut down that thoroughfare in both directions at Alhambra Valley Road and Cummings Skyway.

Franklin Canyon Fire. Photo: ConFire
Franklin Canyon Fire. Photo: ConFire

Significant amount of smoke and firefighting resources in the area with an estimated 5 to 7 acres scorched and neighbors reporting two structures destroyed, including the old Chapman Ranch. Posters to the NEWS24-680 Facebook page report the 100-year-old ranch house and barn were burned to the ground.

The blaze started out as a vehicle fire on Sunday morning, was reported as a structure fire later in the morning and continued to burn in difficult terrain into the afternoon.

There were no immediate reports of injuries, though some domesticated animals may have been lost, again according to neighbors.


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