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Rough Day (And Night) On Local Roads Friday

It has been a rough day on roadways in the 24/680.

A series of accidents on roadways in the 24/680 caused massive tie-ups, left at least one woman injured and, in one case, hit a tipping point when a hit-and-run driver squared off with residents trying to stop him from driving away in Moraga.

We reported earlier on a two-car crash that flipped a small pickup truck and clogged nearly every lane of southbound I-680 Friday afternoon, but that was just a precursor for a repeat accident on I-680 Friday night, a two-car head-on accident on Moraga Road in Lafayette (pictured) and an energized conversation between a resident living near St. Mary’s Road and Moraga Road after a hit-and-run crash there at around 12:30 a.m.

Residents contacted this site with accounts and pictures of those accidents, often expressing frustration with what they thought were impaired drivers and poor driving.

One thing is sure, something is making all these cars run into one another – and other things.

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