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Morning Report: Sweet (Last) Dreams And Action On Sierra Lane?

La Boulange stores, including three in The Numbers, are closing.

Lovers of fresh pastry, hot coffee and neighborhood conversation are mourning the closure of the area’s La Boulange stores – Frenchified fixtures and popular destinations for locals for years, but victims of a recent Starbucks sell-off.

The stores occupy some pretty high-end real estate and it will be interesting to see what will replace them.

Our Tip Line lit up again last night, Thursday, after folks in Walnut Creek reported seeing some heavily armed (they called them “SWAT guys,” but we’ll have to wait and see)Squatters police officers staging at a local Safeway and surrounding a home on Sierra Lane in that city.

Now, we didn’t see this one, we haven’t gotten any of the photos we usually get from cellie equipped citizens and we’ve spent time chasing bogus SWAT stories posted to neighborhood sites this week but we’ve put out feelers on this one and determined that San Francisco police were executing a search warrant in that area at that time.

Walnut Creek police provided perimeter security while the search was conducted and a person was arrested. Police have not released that person’s name. Police were also seen recovering evidence from the residence in question.

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