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High Times In Moraga; Uber Evacuation; St. Mary’s Loses A Brother

Photo: Juan Felipe Rubio

For a small town Moraga logged a number of unusual, even very sad events this week as life and death played out in MoBurbia:

Note: Do Not Crank Up Tunes While Burning Down a Doob

Moraga police, alerted by neighbors concerned about a noisy Honda Civic blaring music on on Catalina Court near David Dr. on Aug. 21, arrived in time to see the Civic trying to make its way out of the area. Contact with the occupants of the car determined that a green, leafy herb had recently been afire and the car’s 20-year-old passenger was cited for possession of less than an ounce of The Evil Leaf.

Saint Mary’s Loses Brother Clarence

Moraga police were called to Saint Mary’s College shortly after noon that same day after Brother Clarence Schenk was found dead on the floor of his on-campus quarters, as we noted at the time. Brother Clarence, who no longer taught at the college, had a medical history and apparently succumbed to a previously diagnosed illness.

“Whaddaya Mean Head & Shoulders Won’t Cover Up A Rum And Coke?”

Later the evening of the 21st, also as noted on our Facebook Page, police got word of an enthusiastic celebration at a home on Camino Pablo. Neighbors reported that the owners of the home were out of town but that the lights were on and there appeared to be several young people with flashlights sitting on the front lawn. Police arrived at 9:55 p.m., touching off a high school track meet as kids took off in several directions, vaulting fences and gates. Officers determined that a resident 16-year-old was hosting an unauthorized party in the home while her mother was out of town. Other kids were found inside, police said, along with some alcohol stashed in the pool pump house and back patio. One girl told police she’d used shampoo in an effort to cover the smell of alcohol. The host’s father was called to regain control and take possession of the alcohol. If the police learned what shampoo tastes like they didn’t record the description.

Bad Decisions

At 9:14 p.m. the next evening, Aug. 22, a Moraga police officer fell in behind a Subaru the officer paced at 60 mph in a 25 mph zone on Camino Ricardo south of Corliss (also noted on our Facebook Page at the time). The officer briefly lost sight of the car but reacquired it moments later when it returned to the area after blowing through stop signs. Officers said the car suddenly pulled to a stop on Camino Ricardo and “blacked out,” the driver turning off the lights, and remaining motionless. Thinking they were dealing with a burglar or someone who had recently committed some sort of crime officers executed a “high risk” stop – with guns drawn – and approached the 29-year-old driver to find out he had just broken up with a girlfriend and was making “bad choices.” He was cited for speeding, failing to stop at a stop sign, having no proof of insurance and for driving with a lapsed registration. He was later released at the scene.

“I’m Fighting For My Right To Party… And I Have Uber On Speed Dial.”

Officers returned to Shuey Drive at 11:24 p.m. that evening, the general area of the Prell Party the night before, and contacted a 23-year-old Birthday Girl hosting a small gathering of 35. The host was issued a noisy party admonition and unabashedly informed officers that she was prepared to pay any fine and intended to keep rocking despite the consequences. Officers stayed in the area to monitor the comings and goings of any impaired drivers but were flanked by the arrival of a steady stream of Uber cars – as many as six – which arrived to convoy celebrants out of the Party Zone.


  1. “The host was issued a noisy party admonition and unabashedly informed officers that she was prepared to pay any fine and intended to keep rocking despite the consequences.”
    The millenials have been supplanted by Ubers, or Right to Party…ers…
    How can we of a certain age have any respect for a James or Jamie Dean who mixes their Fireball with Prell. It’s a lost generation.

  2. Yeh I don’t know I kind of have to give it to her for playing the Uber card to such success. Party on girlfriend!

  3. Yeah, I guess that is sorority pledge cred! Are there freedom-to-party selfies?
    Ok, that’s a silly question. They are Ubers!

  4. Have to give it to the 23 yr old and her friends, party but smart enough to get the taxis. Which I have to admit, at 23 it was prime time party but more times than not I was not smart enough just lucky for myself and a few others.. Of course, true wisdom is if Uber gets as many requests the next time around when their is no cops sitting down the street.

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