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Three Online News Services Partner To Serve Contra Costa County


Regular readers know that Claycord, EastCountyToday and News 24/680 offer breaking news to a large number of Contra Costans on a regular basis, but today we have some news of our own – about us for a change but important to you for a number of reasons.

In an effort to provide our readers with more content and value each day (and because it turned out we liked one another), we are pleased to announce that our three very independent sites have decided to join forces.  We’ll be offering details of this alliance in the coming days, but suffice to say that our partnership opens up unique opportunities for us and for our readers.

We’ll offer insight on how readers might use our newly-expanded reach to their advantage in the coming days. Each of our sites will retain their original look and feel and, as always, we’re here for our readers. We hope you’ll stick with us.

Thanks for your support thus far.


  1. So each site maintains its own identity and guidelines but you share stories and information now. Smart way to grow your individual positions and making yourselves more attractive to advertisers.

    • Hi, Hallie… that’s it exactly. One thing was clear as we got into this was that folks who visit each site want what that individual site has to offer and they don’t want their site cluttered up with news from other areas. We get that, we’ve also found it wise to share stories that directly affect our area and those of our colleague sites. No changes to the sites, their individuality and rules remain in place…

  2. I understand why you’re doing it (I agree with Hallie), but I hope this doesn’t ruin the reputation of News 24/680 being connected with Claycord. The reputation of Claycord (despite it’s popularity) leaves a lot to be desired.

  3. We’re watching carefully. We hear that a lot of people don’t want to give up their newspaper and then we also see so many people both young and old getting their news from sites like this on a mobil phone. And we get most of your news alerts through our phone or tablets and less and less from the paper or television. it is amazing how far newspapers have fallen in recent years.

  4. And I agree with Danielle. Based on this, I read a bunch of Claycord. There are some really bright and interesting people involved with that site. But there are also some rather tacky tasteless postings and some advertising that is uncomfortable. For example, seeing PB Kids ads with smiling kids on one side of the page, and then on the other side an ad for a gun seller with a deer in the crosshairs of a scope about to be shot. Maybe that’s just me being overly opinionated, but I thought it kind of echoed the Columbine/kids/shooting sort of disaster and gave me a rather cold impression. I’m just one completely anonymous poster so take it for what its worth, which is not much, but I would not arrange ads like that.

  5. I’ve never read claycord and have been a fan of this site since since the beginning but I don’t think any site arranges ads they way you think. I think in most cases it is a random as when divergent ads clash on television shows — unfortunate sometimes and often hysterical but not deliberate. More important as far as I am concerned are the types of comments some sites seem to attract. News24 does a good job keeping people on track and polite and you can learn a thing or two about local issues if you pay attention. Being fair about it lareger news sites also draw these types of commentary and you can even see trolls making it onto tv and radio. it looks to me like these three are growing and looking for additional strength in numbers.

  6. Good luck. As long as each site does its own thing and does not take on the flavor of its neighbor. Have you thought about Berkeley-side??? They would make a nice addition to the mix and you could establish a beachhead in Alameda County.

  7. I agree that this is a good strategic move for you and hope you are able to further grow your audience. Newspapers are being whittled down to nothing and we get most of our news from you now. Eager to see how this works.

  8. It appears we’re seeing a redrawing of news delivery services and a shift away from traditional newsprint to digital delivery models. It looks as though you have picked up the banner. It remains to be seen if you can obtain the support and circulation that newspapers are losing.

  9. Interesting development! I’m not familiar with East County Today. I used to read Claycord after moving to Walnut Creek after losing my San Francisco apartment about 8 years ago, but the large volume of right-wing and outright racist comments on the Claycord really put me off, so I stopped making that site part of my regular news reading, and just go to it on occasion for breaking news about issues with BART, PG&E outages, etc. … I think news24-80 brings a much higher degree of professionalism, a more solid journalism background, and more appealing design standards, etc., to Contra Costa County than does Claycord, but to each his or her own. Obviously, both sites have their following.

    • We thank you for your comment, your opinion, and hope you’ll stay with us as we grow. Each site has a different following, it is true, but we have also pledged to maintain the sense of individuality which has made each site what it is and we pledge to maintain a civil and hopefully informative comment stream. Thank you again for reading us!

  10. Thanks for the reassurance – and a big thanks to the folks at News 24/680 for an excellent news site AND excellent Twitter and Facebook feeds, too! I’m always so impressed by how active those feeds are. And I’m so happy to read that you’ll keep your sense of individuality even after this move to join forces in whatever fashion. Onward and upward!

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