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Moraga Speeder Meets Long Gun Of The Law


Moraga police stopped a local man for speeding and unsafe driving in a residential neighborhood Saturday night, eventually detaining the 29-year-old at gunpoint.

Police Chief Bob Priebe said an officer drew a weapon for an unspecified reason after the Moraga resident was stopped for driving at 60 mph in a residential area – blowing three stop signs in the process, according to police.

“A stop was made for reckless driving and the driver was released at the scene with a citation,” Priebe told NEWS24-680. “Not enough info in report at this time to determine why (the) gun was drawn. Could be any of a myriad of things to cause that…”

The incident occurred in the area of Camino Ricardo and Corliss shortly after 9 p.m. and attracted a lot of attention from residents.


  1. Although I don’t recognize that location, it seems Citizens for a Tranquil Moraga have finally taken matters into their own hands.

  2. There is one person on our street who uses it like his own personal drag strip. He has children himself so it is hard for us to see how he can continue to drive like he does but he does. Driving at freeway speed on a residential street should be considered extra irresponsible and subject to higher fines.

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