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Mail Raiders Strike In Lafayette Saturday

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A kind NEWS24-680 reader wanted to alert neighbors to the presence of mail raiders in Lafayette Saturday, a crew of at least two people who systematically picked off mail left in customer’s boxes along Reliez Valley Road near Withers Avenue.

Our neighbor writes:

“…One neighbor picked up her mail as the mail carrier was leaving – but then left a bill with a check in the box to be picked up Mon.(!) Same neighbor later saw a car come down the road, and the passenger open boxes and she thought, put something in the box… nope!”

Turns out the occupants of that car were picking up mail and not delivering it. The neighborhood is talking and assessing their loss. Law enforcement has been notified.


  1. After a couple of nice arrests by Lafayette Police we wondered when these asshats would return to pick things up again. Sorry it happend and THANKS for the warning!!

  2. We don’t leave our mail in the box a second longer than we have to and we have seen this happen in our area too much

  3. Just wanted to let potential mail thieves know that I have electrified my mailbox and that you steal my mail at your peril!!!

  4. The possibility of arrest and jail does not seem to deter these thieves and I’m not sure prison is actually the answer. Alternatives?

  5. By Singaporean justice you mean caning, I’m way beyond that. Having been subject to several thefts (the latest one yesterday) and burglaries, I’m more in favor of the Islamic solution of cutting off the person’s hand. No ones wrong about everything, and in that one instance they’ve nailed it. There is no excuse for professional predators.

  6. Yeah Islamic style works too; but it creates a problem of having to support these lunkheads after we’ve lopped off their hands. If we can’t let homeless druggies OD and drop dead in San Francisco we certainly can’t let criminal amputees starve to death…

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