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Burglary On Dutch Mill Drive In Danville Tuesday

Alamo police blotter, residential burglaries, crime in Alamo, California
File photo of a prolific burglar casing a home in Alamo.

A home in the 1200 block of Dutch Mill Dr. in Danville was found to have been burglarized Tuesday, with Danville police confirming the discovery and giving the bad news to the owner – who has yet to inventory the loss.

Lt. Allan Shields said the theft was confirmed by officers at 4:14 p.m. Details on the method of entry and extent of the burglary were not immediately available.

Shields stressed the number of available options and precautions homeowners should consider in fending off thieves, including vacation checks and home surveillance systems. The number of residential break-ins in town has taken a downward trend of late, Shields said.

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