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Shoulder Surfers Crowding Lamorindans At ATMs; Crashing Bank Accounts

Photo: Lafayette PD

If you use an ATM in Lamorinda and you feel someone breathing down the back of your neck, take some advice from others who gave way to the interlopers – only to have them access and withdraw sizable amounts of money from their bank accounts: don’t get flustered and let someone take over your transaction.

Lafayette police issued a warning to their residents Friday, after noting the arrival of a so-called ATM “Should Surfer” in their city. Orinda also has been targeted, apparently, with police in that city landing a close-up view of the thief’s distinctive tattoos in the hope someone will recognize him.

Photo: Orinda PD
Photo: Orinda PD

Police in Lafayette said they first encountered the surfer on July 9 when a customer reported feeling pressured by a person standing very close behind him as he used the ATM machine at a local bank. The customer was so flustered by the invasion of personal space that he moved off – neglecting to close the “Do You Want Another Transaction?” window on the machine.

The thief, who was observed withdrawing a sizable amount of cash from the previous user’s bank account, walked to a waiting car and drove off. The loss: $1,000.

Investigators said the same type of encounter has been reported at several locations in the East Bay, with the most recent incident occurring last night, Thursday, in Lafayette.


  1. It is pretty clear that we are seeing a younger tougher breed of criminal coming to this area to prey on us softies. It is also pretty clear that we need to be handing these sleazepots their lunch every once in awhile – just to send the message they are trying to send us. A nice public community ass whipping every once in awhile should do the trick.

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