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Parolee Captured In Walnut Creek After Strange Series Of Events

James G. Beldin. Photo: Concord PD

Parolee at large James G. Beldin was captured in Walnut Creek at 1:22 PM today, less than 24 hours after a police request for help from the community via social media.

Beldin was wanted in connection to a case that occurred on July 31, 2015 at approximately 3:44 PM.  At that time, Beldin reportedly accosted a female who was shopping in a store in the 1600 block of Willow Pass Road.  At that time, Beldin, who is on Parole for committing lewd and lascivious acts, and who is a sex registrant, came up behind the woman and allegedly cut off a lock of her hair, which he then proceeded to smell in front of her before running off.  After fleeing the scene, Beldin cut off his ankle monitor, so that he could no longer be monitored by Parole.

Based on the totality of events, the Concord Police Department feared that Beldin was going to accost more victims, and thus a request for help in capturing Beldin was broadcast on social media.

In record time, observant members of the community recognized Beldin from our post, as he was engaged in what appeared to be more lewd and lascivious behavior in the Newell Avenue and Broadway area of Walnut Creek. Citizens called the Walnut Creek Police Department. When they attempted to contact Beldin, he fled on foot, but was captured a short distance later by WCPD.

Officers were summoned by an alert citizen to the San Miguel Shopping Center at 1270 Newell Avenue where Beldin’s car was located. Walnut Creek PD officers then observed Beldin near the intersection of Broadway and Newell Avenue and took him into custody after a brief foot pursuit. Officers also learned Beldin had earlier attempted to photograph the undergarments of a female wearing a skirt in downtown Walnut Creek.

Officers from the Concord Police Department responded to Walnut Creek and took custody of Beldin.  Beldin is being charged with multiple crimes.  He will be transported to the Contra Costa County Jail, where he will be placed on a no-bail Parole hold.

Anyone with additional information about Beldin, or this case, may contact Detective Josh Graham at 925-603-5864, or the Concord Police Department Tip Line at 925-603-5836.

Again, the Concord Police Department wishes to thank all of the observant citizens who helped us locate Mr. Beldin, as well as the Walnut Creek Police Department who did an outstanding job bringing this dangerous fugitive to justice.


  1. I can’t imagine anything creepier than someone coming up behind me to take my hair. This person needed to be put away…..

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