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Golden Eagle, Rescued In San Ramon And Healed By Lindsay Hospital, Killed By Wind Turbine

Lindsay Wildlife Rehabilitation specialists release a happy Golden Eagle while the San Ramon Valley firefighters who found her look on in March. PHOTO: Lindsay Wildlife Center

In more sad news from the Wild Kingdom and those attempting to preserve it, we’ve learned that a Golden Eagle rescued by firefighters in San Ramon in March, rehabilitated by Lindsay Wildlife Hospital and released to many smiles and some tears – was killed over the weekend.

Here’s the statement released by Lindsay Wildlife:

WALNUT CREEK—A golden eagle rescued by firefighters in San Ramon in March, then cared for, rehabilitated and released by Lindsay Wildlife Hospital has died.

The eagle, outfitted with a satellite telemetry backpack put on by East Bay Regional Park District, was brought to Lindsay Wildlife Hospital Saturday, after being struck by a wind turbine in the Altamont Pass.

The bird was being tracked, in part, so that wildlife biologists with East Bay Regional Parks could study the flight patterns of eagles around the turbines.

When the golden eagle was released in May, it represented to all of us Lindsay’s mission: to connect these amazing wild animals with the public and teach us how important it is for them to be free. She was sent off in May with fanfare, complete with firefighters who rescued her, donors who support Lindsay’s work, biologists who studied her and doctors who healed her after she was brought to Lindsay with severe head trauma of an unknown cause.

But her death, while tragic, is not the end of the story. It will not dissuade us in the slightest from our mission to heal and release wildlife and to inspire all who see these magnificent creatures to do what they can to ensure their survival. Lindsay presses on because there is always another patient to treat. Our staff and volunteers show up day after day and care for and release these animals, giving them second and third chances. Without Lindsay that Golden Eagle wouldn’t have had her second chance.


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