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Carjacking. Residential Break-In. Multiple Car Burglaries In Moraga


In a big week for criminal activity Moraga police found themselves answering call after call – and a couple of calls they rarely if ever get.

Along with multiple reports of auto burglaries and a couple of car thefts, MPD responded to a report of a carjacking – that’s right, a carjacking – on Via Barcelona last Friday.

The homeowner told police he found someone in his car in his garage Friday morning, that the person started the car and drove off with the owner hanging on until the would-be thief was forced to stop and abandon the attempt. As in other cases reported by police to this site, the thief fled to a nearby SUV and escaped.

No injuries were reported.

A few hours later, police were called to an address on Calle la Mesa after a resident there discovered that the home had been broken into and ransacked.

Police said the thief forced open a rear sliding door to the home sometime between 8:20 a.m. and 3:50 p.m., partially ransacked the home and made off with electronics and other valuables without being seen.

Investigators said a couple suspected of the attempted carjacking in Moraga were later detained by police in Lafayette, an event witnessed by NEWS24-680 readers who saw two people being detained near the Lafayette Safeway store Friday with police searching their car.

A Lafayette police spokesman said the duo were eventually arrested for outstanding warrants and that the investigation into their part in the events in Moraga is continuing.


  1. It staggers how easily these people seem to make their way in and out of our neighborhoods and in and out of our homes.

  2. Hit the neighborhoods where people are prolly at work and take their stuff. Somebody is going to get one of these pricks one of these days. I’m for frog walking em through town so everyone can get a look at them before they go to the pokey

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  4. Bring on the surveillance cameras at major intersections! A minor sacrifice of privacy will generate the major benefit of recording and catching these dirtbags.

  5. I’m with Brian. There is a criminal contingent that sees Moraga as easy pickens. Let’s get cameras and start nailing these degenerates.

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