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Lamorindans Continue To Feed The Bea… Oh, Never Mind

Lafayette police, in an effort to curtail a rash of recent auto thefts, have launched their "Don't Feed the Bears" campaign. Photo: NEWS24-680

If you’re going to do it we guess you’re going to continue doing it, no matter how many leaflets police distribute or stories we write about it.

But it appears the current spike of auto burglaries in Lafayette has shifted further afield and into semi-rural Moraga, as MPD issued another alert Sunday pertaining to unlocked cars being targeted by thieves in recent days.

Our understanding is that some neighbors have captured video of the thieves at work and Moraga police are asking for more if you have it, and they express the hope of hopes that people will lock their cars because at least one recent video shows a thief bypassing a locked car for an unlocked one.

We haven’t heard how many cars have been targeted but we’re guessing lots and that we’ll get a definitive count in the days ahead. If you have video, NEWS24-680 would run it if it helps matters any.


  1. Seems like an easy fix to me but maybe not. The predator is going to return to where the feeding is good. Apparently its REALLY good here. Amazing to me that people continue to make their cars and other property available to thieves.

  2. I’ve been following your stories and feel your frustration. I thought this exchange on Channel 7 was pretty instructive:

    “So you left it (the car) unlocked?”

    Moraga Resident
    “Yeah, the car was unlocked.”

    “You always leave it unlocked?”

    “Not anymore.”

    quod erat demonstrandum

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