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Early Morning Moraga Crash Prompts Search For Driver


An early-morning, single-car crash on St. Mary’s Road Sunday awakened a few light sleepers, drew police, and triggered a search for the car’s missing driver.

Moraga police found the car, lodged solidly into a tree and with its airbags deployed, on St. Mary’s Road near the entrance to St. Mary’s College at 4 a.m. Sunday. Officers could

find no trace of the driver at the scene.

Reports that a young woman was subsequently traced to a residence hall at Saint Mary’s College, treated for injuries suffered in an apparent accident and arrested for DUI Sunday morning could not be immediately verified.


  1. Abandon the car. Jump the fence. Puff across the soccer fields. Sneak into the dorm. Slip in to bed. Pray the roommate doesn’t notice. Report the car stolen in the morning!! Live to party another day!! The college years were great.

  2. Isn’t that nice. Over time I have developed a rather cynical and negative view of St. Mary’s. Sure, they have a really cute Spanish style building, but one rarely sees the students off campus except in line at Safeway buying alcohol. The most obvious impact from the school is the grossly over-sized liquor departments at both CVS and Safeway. I can’t identify much positive they really add to Moraga. Maybe the school generates tax revenue? If anyone has a different opinion please feel free to disagree.

  3. Moraga is a college town that derives much of its identity from the college. You only have to look at the town web site to get a sense of that. The relationships are in place and extend to both sides with the school expecting much from the town and the town expecting reciprocation from the school. While I agree with Napoleon that the school is generally pleasant to look at I happen to believe there are also agendas in place and townspeople often get in the way of those agendas. The school will tell you they give back much to the town and its people and there are people who will echo that sentiment but there are also definite conflicts brewing between the school and many Moragans – some of them SMC grads – who are looking for consideration from their alma mater and not getting any.

  4. I just don’t see it being a college town. It’s a town that has a college in it. Contrast it with UC Berkeley or U. of Washington or others where there is a college district next to the town with bookstores, coffee shops, and a retail district that integrated the college into the town. UC Berkeley has a massive connection to the area with music and cultural events at Zellerbach and other venues, museums, sports, and so on. The interaction between St. Mary’s residents and Moraga is about as open as if we had a state prison there instead.

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