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Walnut Creek Police Investigate Rossmoor Car Theft

Lafayette police describe a rare, takeover-style robbery at a local store.

Walnut Creek police are looking for a man who allegedly out-maneuvered the operator of a rented, late-model KIA Sorrento and commandeered the car early Wednesday morning – making off with the vehicle and leaving the owner stranded while he washed its windows.

Detective Sergeant Tracie Reese said the incident occurred at 7:09 a.m. Wednesday at the Rossmoor Chevron station, 1998 Tice Valley Road, when a man in his 30s approached the car while the owner was occupied, threw something in the car, got inside and drove it away.

No weapon was seen and no force was used in the theft, Det. Sgt. Reese said, adding that the victim had given the suspect a ride to the Rossmoor area earlier in the morning.

Both the suspect and the car have not yet been found. The car was described as a black 2016 KIA Sorrento with tinted rear windows and license plate 7LNX782.

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