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Bright Lights, Small Town – Moraga’s New Kiosk Getting Attention

What's that light? It's Moraga's new town billboard. Photo: Miriam Lee

It has been up a relatively short time but Moraga’s newfangled electronic kiosk on Moraga Road across from the Commons is getting lots of attention – especially from readers who question its candlepower and propensity for distraction.

NEWS24-680 has gotten a number of pictures and video snippets of the sign in action, MoragaTVthough the camera only captures a burst of light reminiscent of the opening scene of the Terminator movie. Eerie, especially on a snaky, lonely semi-rural country road.

Or maybe not. We raised concerns about the signage when the idea was first broached but we’ll put it to you. Good for the town? Bad for the town? Good for low-flying aircraft in need of an earthly beacon?

You tell us…


  1. Ow. Turn that thing DOWN pops!! The bad news is that it’s too bright. The good news is that it is colorful and can be seen for a distance – maybe we can get rid of the town fireworks and all huddle around this thing next 4th of July!!

  2. Kind of trippy. I can see all the stoners in town setting up chairs around this thing and watching the light show….

  3. No more need for night lights in Moraga. That’s progress, I guess? Can’t see the Milky Way anymore, but that green glow in the sky is better than the Green Flash of Southern Climes! Except that it is not a flash. More like the neon Jesus Saves sign across from the “budget” hotel you’d rather not be spending the night in.

    Welcome to Moraga!

  4. It has been off for a couple of nights straight now. I think it’s an improvement. I would think it’s a hazard to motorists due to distraction

  5. Didn’t one of your editors write a opinion piece about this a couple of years ago?? And how it would be a distraction and all???

    • As noted by you and others, such an opinion piece was authored by one of our editors for another site some years ago as the town made its plans for this sign. Apparently it was pretty right on, predicting much of what people are saying about the sign today. Saying anything beyond that runs the risk of appearing self-serving so we’ll keep it at that.

  6. I remember that opinion piece. That sign is so inappropriate. It yet again re-confirms my opinion on the quality of the current city council. And I worry that serious decisions will be made by this group such as what to do with the Hacienda.

  7. There’s this insane belief (mostly manifested in halogen headlights on European cars, Audis most of all) that insane amounts of light is a good thing. It’s not. I don’t get over to Moraga much and haven’t seen this in action, but I am certainly already against it.

  8. Agree with the curmudgeon – there is an INSANE attachment by many in our communities who associate bright lights and loud music with success and vibrancy instead of what they really are: NOISE AND LIGHT POLLUTION. People told those behind this lproject that this would be the end result and THEY DID IT ANYWAY. I draw certain conclusions from this. I wonder if anyone else does.

  9. Drove by this and was aware of the public opposition to its placement and look and thought – give it time. Well I’ve given it some time and I still think it’s an ugly flashy electronic billboard. I am glad they are turning it off at night at least. It’s not my town and I don’t have to see this all the time but if I did I think I would be unhappy that town money was spent to pay for it. Sorry.

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