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PG&E Apologizes To Frazzled Commuters; Moves Moraga Way Work To Saturdays

Moraga Way traffic. Photo: Kelly Benson

Lamorindans caught up in traffic jams due to ongoing construction on Moraga Way in the last couple of days got an explanation and an apology from the utility giant Tuesday.

This is from the City of Orinda:

Yesterday into the late evening hours many drivers along Moraga Way experienced traffic delays due to a PG&E gas service line project. Unfortunately PG&E did encounter a problem which caused their working hours to extend much later than expected and consequently caused great frustration for drivers along that corridor. City staff met with PG&E representatives today to discuss options for completing the work in a less disruptive manner. PG&E has agreed to cease further work during the regular work week and will instead complete the work on Saturdays going forward.  

PG&E issued the following statement regarding the project:

“At Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E), our top priority is the safety of our customers and their families, our employees and contractors, and the communities we serve. We are constantly making safety and reliability upgrades across our system in order to provide our customers the best service possible.

PG&E and its contractors are currently making safety upgrades in the City of Orinda to replace copper service lines with piping that is more resistant to corrosion and earthquakes. In the City of Orinda, PG&E has already replaced more than 1,200 lines and has approximately 25 more lines to replace. We expect the work to be complete by the end of August. In the last five years, we have replaced 39,000 copper service lines in Northern and Central California.

On Monday, July 13, due to unforeseen circumstances, PG&E contract crews worked past expected construction hours as permitted by the City of Orinda. The additional construction lead to some traffic issues, and we apologize for the inconvenience.

Moving forward, to help mitigate traffic, work on Moraga Way will only take place on Saturdays. We thank the community and the City for its patience and partnership as we work to improve the City of Orinda’s gas system.”


  1. It doesn’t take long for our roads to fill up and become impassable does it?? Hopefully nothing REALLY bad happens to us in the future.

  2. Too late…. I dashed off a sternly worded letter to PGE headquarters and let them know they can’t mess with me…. wait a minute, my lights are flickering, the power is going off here

  3. If something really bad happens I’m stayhing put in my house because I’ve seen what happens on our roads!!

  4. A couple of days ago I was driving down Moraga Way toward Orinda and there were 2 Police cars and branches scattered across the road, and it appeared that some poor guy or gal had caught a falling limb right on the front windshield. I hope they are ok. More fallout from the drought, I am guessing.

    And Bryan, in case of power failure, it’s phasers on stun and page Scottie. Last I saw him, he was in Lafayette at the Saloon, and in no condition to fly, and neither was anyone else at the bar.

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