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Cookie Monster Strikes In Moraga; Cops Intervene



… appeared to be the primary motivation for a dedicated cookie monster visiting one of Rheem Center’s stores July 7. It appears a woman was spotted attempting to place a store display of the morsels into her suitcase.


Store employees told police they stopped and questioned the Cookie Monster and the cookies were returned. But so did the Cookie Monster, moments later according to Moraga police, and this time she allegedly mowed through several of the displayed treats according to witnesses and promptly left the the store – with the evidence.

Moraga police were able to locate the cookie pilferer walking in the center, they said, but were unsure how exactly to go about retrieving the baked goods. Moraga’s Cookie Monster remained mum, possibly because he mouth was full – of COOKIES! – and she was eventually allowed to leave the area while the treats were apparently written off as a store loss.


  1. I watched a guy eat his way through the dried fruit and nuts bins at Whole Foods once. That turned me off to buying unpackaged publicly accessible foods forever.

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