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Lamorinda Police Corral Three Suspected “Bears” After Lafayette Auto Burglary

Photo: Lafayette PD

Three people suspected of an auto burglary in the parking lot of the Oakwood Athletic Club on Mt. Diablo Boulevard in Lafayette Friday were intercepted and eventually stopped after a brief chase onto Highway 24.

Witnesses said a maroon Toyota Corolla was in the parking lot at around 4:21 p.m. when one of three people inside got out and burgled a car there, taking a bag from inside.

A witness fell in behind the car and notified police, giving updates on the Corolla’s progress as it fled the area an up onto Highway 24. Orinda police took up positions on Highway 24 and one of their officers managed to intercept and stop the fleeing car near the Wilder offramp.

Papers taken in the burglary at Oakwood were thrown from the Toyota as the driver attempted to elude police, police said.

Three people, two adults and a juvenile, were detained by officers. Their names and ages were not immediately available. Lafayette police, in answer to a reported spike in auto burglaries in their city, recently launched a “Don’t Feed The Bears” campaign aimed at getting locals to refrain from leaving valuables in their cars.


  1. You can’t fix stupid. If people continue to leave things out to get stolen despite warnings from the media and police then it comes down to be prepared to lose what you have. If you can live with that I guess everything is OK.

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