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Lafayette Police Launch “Don’t Feed The Bears” Campaign

Lafayette police, in an effort to curtail a rash of recent auto thefts, have launched their "Don't Feed the Bears" campaign. Photo: NEWS24-680

Lafayette police, hit hard by thieves who continue to feed in target-rich Lamorinda, have launched a campaign aimed at getting the locals to remove items tempting to thieves from their cars.

In recent months locals have lost everything from large amounts of cash to electronics to high ticket handbags to thieves who, emboldened by the relative ease of the crime and gratifying payoffs – are coming back to feed time and time again, in some cases returning to burgle cars in the same parking lots on consecutive nights.

Police don’t like their town being targeted in this fashion and have begun distributing these leaflets to local businesses and residents.


  1. Funny and clever but it’s a shame the police should have to reinforce what should be basic common sense.

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