Home Video Hey, Baby, It’s An X-Style Fourth Of July!

Hey, Baby, It’s An X-Style Fourth Of July!


We could have gone to Bruuuuce and the tried and true Born in the USA, or maybe wrapped ourselves in the flag and gone with Proud to Be An American – but for some reason we’re feeling kind of X this Fourth so we went with this one.

Can’t miss with Exene and John Doe in Austin.

NEWS24-680 is out and about this July 3, taking the pulse of the suburban landscape and talking with barbers and butchers and housewives and retired folk doing more in their latter years than most young’uns. The day is warming up and people are in a – generally – good mood, with lots of smiles and “Have a Good Fourth”-s bandying back and forth.

The Tri-Tips and beer supply is getting a test, with the neighbors out in search of charcoal briquettes and brisket. We aim to celebrate, too, and we’ll be out and about. Look for the now standard NEWS24-680 ball cap and give the wearer a “Happy Fourth of July!”


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