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Surveillance Camera May Be Seeing Too Much In Moraga


Security cameras, anyone who reads this site knows, have been immensely helpful in tracking the movements of people out to rip off the unsuspecting in the 24-680.

Cameras are becoming more common, both for home protection as well as for use by local law enforcement, and despite some expressed concerns their arrival has received a warm welcome.

Questions have persisted, however. Who is being monitored? What can a homeowner legally set their cameras to capture? Who monitors the data file? And could this information conceivably be used against us?

Those questions are being asked in light of a recent case to come to the attention of police in Moraga, who responded to an address in the 100 block of Ascot Drive on June 22 after receiving a complaint that an in-use camera may be capturing more than images of its owner’s property line.

Police said they contacted the parties involved and that their findings were forwarded to the District Attorney’s office for review. Beyond that, they’re not saying.


  1. This was bound to happen. Cameras can be an extension of the darker side of the human psyche and people are going to use them – mostly as initmidators. “I got you on camera, I got you on camera…” etc.

  2. It’s not illegal to record someone in a public space. Is it illegal to watch someone’s bedroom window or back yard from a public street or from one’s own window? I am guessing not. How about watching with binoculars and listening with a parabolic microphone? If not, then video recording would also be legal, would it not?

    Frankly, I don’t know where the law begins and ends on that question. If you get more information, let us know.

  3. As a follow-up to the previous flight, I had been hoping he would continue on and fly from the rocks over to the fairly recent horse ranch place on the walking trail sort of towards baseball park. Do you or anyone know if Chris has actually outfitted his drone with missles?

    • In true Lamorinda fashion we believe Chris has weaponized his drone to drop marshmallows on noisy neighbors and mo-blow crews. Chris?

  4. On second thought, I hope my comment did not imply anything negative about the horses. I like horses. The missle comment is an entirely separate issue.

  5. I like the marshmellow dropping drone idea but I’m starting to get a littler nerverous with the camera thing. I fear that some neighbors may use them for more than just identifying bad guys. This sounds like some sort of neighborhood spat thing that’s getting crazy.

    • Be sure to call us when you take it down to the Commons for its first trial run. We want to be sure we’re on hand with the video camera.

  6. Generally useful tool that has proven its value. But they can also be used for bad things. What was the owner doing with the camera?

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