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Police Search For Suspect In Moraga, Come Up Empty-Handed


Police officers from Orinda and Lafayette and a canine search team descended on a Moraga neighborhood Sunday after a local man wanted by police fled from officers and escaped into the surrounding neighborhood.

Moraga Police Chief Bob Priebe said his officers were assisting Lafayette police in executing a warrant at a home on Sandringham Drive in Moraga around midnight.

The man, in his 20s, ran from the residence as police arrived, reportedly escaping just ahead of police and fleeing into the surrounding neighborhood. Officers, backed by police from Orinda, Lafayette, the CHP and a canine team from Walnut Creek, established a cordon around the area where the man was last seen but did not find him, Priebe said.

Neighbors following the police action on our Facebook Page wrote that the wanted man fled the home on Sandringham in his pajamas.

Police did not disclose the man’s name or what the warrant was for.


  1. No $h!T. S/he was on my street. I have my mal-adjusted terrier on full alert. Police challenged me to come out with my hands in the air because I was wearing pajamas at 12 am and therefore matched the description. Get the Sob.

  2. I was told that a warrant was to be served, and the suspect fled in pajamas. On my bleeping street? If s/he is in my back yard, I will not call off my terrier.

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