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A Penny (Farthing) For Your Thoughts, Moraga Man


You don’t see a man in a pith helmet every day. And then there’s his chosen mode of transportation.

Motoring right along Saint Mary’s Road today and friendly, to boot! Thanks for the wave, Perfect Balance Man, also known around town as Steve Meagher – a local athlete and bicycle enthusiast.


  1. 1) Succinct, terse, concise, compact
    2) (of a fruit or plant) containing much pith

    I am going with definition number 2. Don’t let this guy near my daughter!
    We don’t brook much pith in this household!

  2. Better! I can almost remember what I was thinking when I posted that! Happy face (sorry, I am short on emoji skills)

  3. That is a total of 1. I have 1 bonus point. Do you have frequent flyer miles? My daughter needs to go out of state for her education on account of a ack of investment in ourselves, and the appeal of out-of-state bonuses here and there.

    • Take it. Cherish it. Nurture it and it will grow into a Bonus Point Tree bearing Bonus Point fruit. It won’t get your daughter into Harvard, sadly, but along with the occasional NEWS24-680 ball cap or home-baked chocolate chip cookies it’s the best we can do for you for now. College tuition… oh man.

  4. I am not a social person, but I am thinker, stimulated by ideas…even Chris’s ideas. I would not want to live in a place where everyone is the same. It is not sound from an evolutionary standpoint, and it is NOT interesting.

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