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To All The Dads Out There – Have A Great Day!


For all the dads out there who were with us in good times and bad, who gave good advice when we needed it and stern words when we needed those, too… and who saw us through life and, hopefully, made us better people.

Have a good Father’s Day.


  1. The face of the Republican Party in 2015!
    Happy Father’s Day Ozzie! and Father Knows Best’s Robert Young! and My Three Sons’ Fred MacMurray!

  2. Iconic, yes! Nostalgic, yes! But whose values are these? Today is 60 years post-Ozzie, post-FatherKnowsBest. 3 generations later. Where was Ricky’s gay friend? His black friends? His Asian friends? It’s not a very egalitarian or democratic representation of family values is it? Btw, my prior post is still missing in action…you go to bed earlier than my brother!

    • Ha! We like that our readers keep us on our toes. We told staffers to enjoy the day and were leaving for a far-flung celebration of our own when the Charles Hill Road fire (sadly for the family there) erupted. The rule: no vacation, no time off. The second you leave the seat something bad happens. But we’re back and strapped in and (we believe) were able to get the word out about Charles Hill and celebrate with some great dads. Your comments are up and made us laugh so… thanks, and hope you had a good Sunday!

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