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LAFAYETTE: Round And Round – More Roundabouts In Our Future


The consensus among local government appears to be that more people, and more traffic, is coming our way and something needs to be done to make sure everyone gets along without slamming into one another on our roadways.

To that end, it appears the City of Lafayette is asking for proposals to improve the flow of traffic at the intersection of Pleasant Hill Road and Olympic Boulevard, currently controlled by signage and the good will of fellow drivers.

The city believes that may not be enough, in future, and is asking contractors to provide a design for a roundabout at that location.

Now, those who have ventured abroad or visited Saint Mary’s College may be aware of the basic principles of a traffic roundabout – and know that they have both good qualities and bad. For the bad, rent Chevy Chase et al’s European Vacation or check out Youtube for videos of moving vans and articulated lorries attempting to navigate the circles with varying degrees of success.

Lafayette recently conducted a feasibility study for traffic improvements along the Olympic Boulevard and Reliez Station Road corridors, and the City Council has adopted a program of capital improvements, estimated to be in the order of $1.4 million in construction costs, to be constructed in the summer of 2016.

It will be interesting to see what the transportation architects/contractors come up with, because it appears we’ll all be navigating the area in a new way fairly soon.


  1. I nearly get hit every time I’m driving by the Lafayette Taco Bell, headed east on Mt. Diablo Blvd. The lanes shift ever so slightly at the intersection with First Avenue but many drivers, for whatever reason – usually lack of attention, seem completely unable to maintain their lane.

    And, don’t even get me started on the Whole Foods traffic light mess. How to handle a blinking yellow light, despite being clearly defined in the driver’s handbook, seems to cause mass confusion among, supposedly, licensed drivers.

    So, now these same people will be navigating a traffic circle? God have mercy on our souls.

  2. It was pretty interesting. The ones in England were fine even in reverse with right hand drive. But the ones in France and Italy were a different experience altogether!!

  3. Let us know when they’re in. I think we’ll just pull over and watch for a bit. Better than a drive in movie!!!!!!

  4. Lafayette. What lightweights. Moraga Town council is looking at putting in two roundabouts right next to each other. Two. What have you got, Lafayette? I want to see some one-upsmanship with you doubling that. This could turn into a roundabout “arms” race.

  5. “Make it round like the Sun! And place cards of chance in its spokes to reawaken the spirits”
    Knut the Blue,
    at Stonehenge RV Sun Park, 4999 BC

  6. Generalissimo Napoleon: “We are surROUNDed!
    Moraga Planning Commissioner: I said: “Take the third exit to Bruge, you idiot! But, no, YOU chose Waterloo!”
    Planning commission minutes: June 21, 1815, a bright and sunny day.

  7. Ping!……………………………………………………………………………………………………..

  8. And, since there is no conversation after 9 pm, I have a question for tomorrow. Whatever happened to the insensitive, indelicate, dare I say, racist post by 24-680 or one of your contributors that “chickens’ lives matter”. Did I dream that or did someone disappear it? I have searched and cannot find it. I must have dreamed that because no one in the Numbers took offense except me, and that does not seem possible. So,…do you have that exchange. Am I remembering it incorrectly? Please set the record straight. Please correct me as I must have remembered it incorrectly.

    • David – The post you mention doesn’t come to mind but in answer to your question our comment stream is under constant scrutiny and though we haven’t had to do a lot of it sometimes a post will be deleted. It can take a few days sometimes, as some posts are not as immediately offensive or easily detectable. That was probably what happened in this case.

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