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A Letter To Moragans Interested In Keeping The Town Semi-Rural

Letter to the Editor

Hello Moraga!
We are down to one week before 1000+ petition signatures are due on Friday June 26th to the Town! THANKS THANKS THANKS To all those out there gathering signatures and spreading the word – you’re amazing and still going! The sentiment from the town folks has been one of overwhelming appreciation.

We need:
1) Your Signature – if you haven’t signed gmail OurMoraga@gmail.com and we’ll take care of you. Must be registered voter and Moraga Resident.

2) Posse Members – additional volunteers To close this petition out – oh yeah ride this into the sunset! You would need to round up a quick and easy 20 signatures by Wed. 6/23. It’s easy street and we’ll help you. In addition to the current signatures this would put us over the top with a nice buffer! We have the petitions, we’ll get you started, get someone to go with you or get your own buddy. We have places you can go to collect signatures …or neighborhoods that need contacted.

Join the Posse Today – we need your help – forward to friends! Let’s round this referendum up!

Friends of Keep Moraga Semi-Rural
376-3150 Hotline

TO SIGN: Rheem Theater 6 – 7, Saturday Moraga Ranch Swim Meet – 10 to 12 Saturday and Dad’s Day Sunday the Commons 10 – 12!

ABOUT: Last month, the Moraga Town Council approved a Spot Rezoning of the lot on Moraga Way that is next to the firehouse. The purpose of the rezoning allowed the building of a massive new high density, multi-story housing complex. We think the proposed project is the wrong concept on the wrong piece of property. We also fear if the project is built – it will set a precedent for similar projects and more spot rezoning thus jeopardizing semi-rural Moraga. Our petition ask the council to reverse it’s high density housing rezoning decision or allow Moraga’s voters to vote on the rezoning.

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