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Lafayette Police Track Down Suspected Cricket Hill Burglars

Lafayette PD tracked down a couple of suspected burglars. Photo: Lafayette PD

Lafayette police, with the assistance of neighbors and some surveillance cameras, say they have tracked down a pair of would-be burglars who allegedly attempted to break into a Cricket Hill home earlier this month.

Police had canvassed the area after two men attempted to enter a local home on June 8, going so far as to secure footage from surveillance cameras in the neighborhood. Investigators were able to pinpoint a suspect vehicle on the video and interviewed a gardener who had seen the men leaving the home.

“After identifying the registered owner of the vehicle, our investigators identified several subjects who were associated with the vehicle,” Chief Eric Christensen wrote in a prepared release. “Two of the individuals associated with the vehicle matched the descriptions provided by the worker.”

Investigators were able to obtain a search warrant for the vehicle and an arrest warrant for the suspect, according to police, and on Wednesday Lafayette police were notified that officers from the Oakland Police Department had found the car.

One of the two men sought for the Lafayette burglary was reportedly inside the car when it was stopped by police in Oakland, police said.

“Our investigators and officers responded to Oakland, returning to Lafayette with both the suspect and his vehicle. The suspect was interviewed by investigators and his vehicle processed by our Crime Scene Investigators (CSI),” Christensen reported. “The suspect was later booked at the jail for attempted burglary and the car was sent to storage. Our investigators have now identified the second suspect in this case…”


  1. The fact that there are cameras out there recording our every move makes me a little uncomfortable in all honesty until you balance that with the knowledge that they are leading to arrests of some pretty bad people. This sounds like some great work by a dedicated police force and I congratulate them for that. I’m hoping the surveillance thing doesn’t swing the other way.

  2. Agree with Teresa but it is hard to argue against the arrests being made for these crimes. Some form of oversight is critical to the continued success of this model IMHO.

  3. I wouldn’t worry too much about being watched. The Lafayette Police are way too busy to spend time watching tapes when there hasn’t been a crime.

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