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Reward Posted For Vandals Who Defaced Danville War Memorial

Vandalism by unthinking fools. PHOTO: Town of Danville

Vandals left their largely illegible scrawls on Danville’s memorial to those who have fallen in the nation’s wars – and people are not happy about it.

A $6,500 reward has been offered by the town and private donors for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the perpetrator or perpetrators of this crime, discovered Monday morning on the pavement, paths and granite benches at the All Wars Memorial in Oak Hill Park.

“The All Wars Memorial is dedicated to honoring the men and women who served our country,” said Police Chief Steve Simpkins.  “We hope that this reward will help our investigators find out who committed this disgraceful crime.”

Do Danville, and the memories of those who gave everything so that others might express themselves – even in this way – a favor. If you have information about this crime contact Det. Sgt. Brian Sliger at (925) 314-3703 or bsliger@danville.ca.gov


  1. Dear Stoner:
    Do Yourself a favor and for the first time in your life man up and take responsibility for what you have done. Turn yourself in and apologize and clean the memorial so that no trace of your moronic scrawls remain and then spend some time in a military hospital and get a firsthand look at the people you care so little about it. Volunteer to work at the hospital for at least a month, doing the lowliest work they can find for you, and help them raise and lower the flag every morning and night. Do that, and we’ll forgive you for doing a stupid insulting thing.

    DON’T turn yourself in and you can count on being reviled as the unthinking slob a lot of people already suspect you to be. Prove us all wrong. Do it now.

  2. Nothing makes me madder. You can’t pick a softer target – a memorial to people who died FOR YOU. I hope we get a look at whoever did this. I want to see what they look like.

  3. Spoiled, rich suburban kids. Pathetic. And, no doubt, mommy and daddy will try to save them from trouble so as not to hurt their chances of getting into college.

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