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Cooking Tonight? Or Having Your Internet Chef Do It For You?


The only thing NEWS24-680 newsies like more than cooking is eating, and we have found some companies willing to do the former for you so you can concentrate on the latter.

And that can help when you are crunched for time and looking for something different to offer the troops when the dinner bell rings and your household gathers around the table -and hungry eyes turn to you.SaladDays1

Luckily, you can get just about anything you want via the Internet these days – including a time and energy-saving meal that will leave your family impressed with your kitchen skills and cleanup a snap.

Slaves to the Internet and Technology and always strapped for time, NEWS24-680 has been trying out a few of these Online Chefs. Our experience has been largely favorable, but as your experience and expectations may be different than ours we will not offer reviews of these companies – but merely make them known to you. If you have favorite go-to’s of your own, feel free to add them to the comments stream below:

Blue Apron

Blue Apron is a New York-based online chef’s service that packages and delivers fresh, perfectly portioned ingredients to your home once a week. The company charges about $10 per meal, and has been reporting steadily upward sales of late – about 3 million meals per month. Ingredients include everything you need to make three meals (serving two people each) and feature entrees like chicken chilaquiles, steak salad with chicory and curried chickpeas, and salmon cakes with beet salad. They also offer a meat and fish box or a vegetarian box.

Delivery available from Maine to Florida, and west to the Mississippi river as well as Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Nevada and most of Utah and Arizona. Cost: $59.94 per week for three meals that each serve two people. NOTE: They even have these little recipe cards for you to follow as you prepare the evening meal.

Luke’s Local

There are advantages to living in the Bay Area. Luke’s Local delivers boxes of culinary treasures that have been locally sourced and tailored to Bay Area taste buds – everything from organic produce to artisanal breads and cheeses. The menus are put together and prepared by local chefs. Subscribers pick what goes into every box they order.

Delivery available in San Francisco, East Bay, and South Bay for $3.99; pickup also available at other locations in San Francisco area. Cost: Prepared foods range from $5 (breakfast burrito) to $75 (family meal bundle).


Choose the meals you want in a given week, order, and the ingredients for those meals show up at your doorstep the next week. Recipes are created by a Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef and each week Plated offers up to seven dishes ranging from entrees like meatloaf burgers with garlic mashed potatoes to berbere spiced salmon with steamed potatoes and winter greens.

Delivery available to 80 percent of the continental U.S.Cost: $12 per plate for weekly deliveries.



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