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Alarm, Gardener Scares Off Two Would-Be Burglars In Lafayette Monday

Thieves attempted to break into a Lafayette home Monday. PHOTO: Lafayette PD

Lafayette police say a blaring alarm and an alert local gardener helped scare off two would-be burglars who attempted to enter a home on Cricket Hill Road Monday.

Police say they were dispatched to the residence after an alarm sounded there at 12:45 p.m. While checking the perimeter of the residence, they found that the thieves had used a garden stake from the back yard to shatter a rear window.

Police theorize that an alarm activated by the breaking glass – combined with the approach of a neighborhood gardener alerted by the alarm – drove two suspects from the residence.

Suspect Descriptions

  • Suspect #1 – Caucasian Male, red shirt, white cargo shorts.
  • Suspect #2 – African-American Male, black shirt, blue jeans

Witnesses reported the black male ran from the home in the direction of Happy Valley Road. The white male, who left the home after his accomplice, was last seen talking on his cell phone as he ran.

Police were unable to locate either person. Investigators are hoping residents in the area of the intersection of Happy Valley and Upper Happy Valley will review their surveillance cameras to identify suspicious persons or vehicles and call police with any suspicious activity.

Police put the crime between 12:40 p.m. and 12:55 p.m. It’s possible the suspects may have had a vehicle parked along Happy Valley Road near the entrance to Cricket Hill.


  1. Good info. They seem to be going after homes in relatively remote locations with bad sight lines from other houses. Ends of cul d sacs. So they have time and they are cruising the neighborhoods looking for these houses and then going around back. I hope the police are able to catch a few more of these people to further send the word out we are not easy targets here.

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