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Last Picture Show: The Rheem Gives 30 Days Notice

Looks like it's "fin" for Moraga's Neon Lady.

We keep looking for Beau Bridges and Ben Johnson to make an appearance, maybe Cybil, as the old picture show cranks up the projectors one last time and the tumbleweeds continue to roll through town.

Scene of a thousand first kisses, back row wrestling matches and lost hope, it seems, as the owners and managers of the Rheem Theatre, looking to sell the old Neon Lady, have said they will close its glass doors in 30 days due to a hefty rent increase.

We couldn’t help but notice that their marquee features a movie about another California disaster: San Andreas.

They posted the bad news on their Facebook page. Film fans may wail and wring their hands and certainly the loss will be a big one, but the handwriting was on the projectionist’s wall – people today have TVs bigger than some of the Rheem’s screens, and probably better popcorn makers.

Any memories of your time at the theatre? Post ’em up. We’d be interested. We get enough we’ll post ours.


  1. Ah, the creative destruction of capitalism shows no pity, no remorse. Unless, of course, you are a very large financial institution, with access to the White House and your benefactors in Congress. I expect the gargoyles on the edifice of JP Morgan to be with us for a long, long time. A sad tale to be sure.

  2. I agree with Tim, the mall is giving up one of its great anchor ‘stores’ and the only thing that gave that dingy strip mall a bit of character for that matter.

  3. I believe that Kimco Realty owns most of the mall, but their website’s map of it ignores that building and specifically excludes certain buildings such as Luna. Maybe the owner is not Kimco and the decisions are not being made from a whole mall perspective.

  4. We should have seen the rent increase coming. The owner of the property wants to redevelop the land before the Theatre gets tagged with a historical preservation sticker. it’s clear as you read through the Rheem Theatre’s FB page. Lots of information. And then I remembered this letter penned from the owner’s RE broker.


    Since Dave Schnayer used this site to defend his client, perhaps Dave Schnayer would like to pen a follow up letter and describe to the Moraga citizens what exactly his client has in mind for the property.

  5. Agree with Tim here. Some transparency is needed. I have a feeling the future of a significant local landmark is at stake.

  6. Some of the comments directed at the person representing this site at the meeting today are horrendous and unforgivable. If these people are representative of the people in support of that theatre than you can put us down as opposed. The should be ashamed. They won’t be, but they should be.

  7. Can we get a factual summary of the meeting and also a general summary of the issues? Just the facts. Please. I’m sure there are 3 or 4 sides to the 60% rent increase. It would be helpful to report all sides. It’s too bad the live feed was stopped. Perhaps the movie owner is talking too many half truths.

    • We’ll be revisiting this story and will update events as stories solidify, Tim. Thanks for your interest!

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