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SAN RAMON: Early Morning Tippler Hits Pole; Allegedly Evades Police


San Ramon police were called out shortly after 10 a.m. Wednesday after receiving reports that a car had struck a pole at Bollinger Canyon Road and Windemere Parkway.

Lt. Denton Carlson said that as officers were responding, they received another report that the driver involved in the collision was attempting to leave the location. Officers located the car and attempted to stop it, Carlson said, but the driver did not immediately respond to lights and sirens and continued to drive away at “very slow speeds,” estimated at roughly 15 mph, for about a minute before pulling over.

Officers determined that the driver was under the influence and arrested him for that offense, also learning that he was on probation for a previous conviction on the same offense.

The driver was examined by medical personnel at the scene and later taken to San Ramon Regional Medical Center for a medical evaluation, Carlson said.


  1. We need a pole tax. Just increase the penalty for driving into a pole, and the rate of pole driving will plummet accordingly.

  2. Thank goodness for poles. If it wasn’t for them all the drunkards and over medicated sleepyheads who drive around here on a regular basis woiuld be crashing into buildings and trees and ditches.

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