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Readers Report Rattlers Are Roaming In The Numbers

Juvenile rattlesnake on the move. PHOTO: Kyle Schwerin

Reports of a possible snake bite case in San Ramon Monday turned out not to be the case, we’re happy to say (see our story on our Facebook Page), but mention of crotalus viridis oreganus in our midst triggered accounts of a number of sightings and at least one picture.

Hikers and bikers using local trails and enjoying the quiet of regional parks and preserves say they have encountered several of the critters out and about despite our unseasonably cool weather.

So watch your step and leave them alone and they will reciprocate, the experts say. These guys are looking for a big fat gopher and normally strike out at humans only when threatened.


  1. We’ve killed one already.

    Recently had our dogs vaccinated for rattlesnake bites. The vet told us he’s already treated more dogs with rattlesnake bites this year than he did all of last year.

    Keep your dogs safe!

  2. I had no idea there was snake bite vaccination for dogs. Thanks for that. I had a rattlesnake at a previous house, and only saw it because the cat was acting frantic and I went to investigate. Good kitty.

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