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“Deforestation Hardware” Catalogues Thudding Onto Doorsteps; Viral Jocularity Ensues

Apparently the catalogues make great home gyms. PHOTO: Pinterest

NEWS24/680 was at home, minding its own business when a thud on our doorstep heralded the arrival of the latest Restoration Hardware catalogue, its presence registering at least a 2.2 on the Richter Scale.

We’ve patronized the company in the past and have perused their offerings through a digital interface – but Friday’s landing came as something of a shock. Followed by an aftershock.

This being the Bay Area and all some immediate umbrage was raised, as someone calculated the weight of the catalogue, multiplied that by the number distributed to local households, and determined that a forest roughly the size of Vermont was just wiped off the map.

Others poked a little fun at the massive mailing in a digital campaign that quickly went viral as posters found alternative and innovative uses for the MegaLogues – including use as car ramps, baby seats, and home gyms. Apparently you can save yourself the cost of those StairMaster contraptions they peddle on the TeeVee.

It will be interesting to see what people in the 24/680 Corridor come up with.


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