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Orinda’s Glazer Defeats Bonilla In District 7 Senate Race


Orinda’s serving mayor handily defeated his rival in a “knife fight” of a campaign for the East Bay state Senate seat responsible for much of Contra Costa and Alameda counties.

At the end of the evening candidate Steve Glazer, a political consultant who for years was a close aide to Gov. Jerry Brown, came away with 54.6 of the 110,000 votes cast compared to 45.4 for Bonilla.

“Our campaign struck a chord with voters frustrated by the gridlock and dysfunction in Sacramento,” Glazer said in a statement after the vote. “They want leaders who are more pragmatic than partisan.” He continued his promise to be an “independent thinker” in the legislature.

The race raised eyebrows and lots of money from outside groups that set up their own machines to drive their candidate’s respective messages – at times overwhelming prospective voters with attack mailers and tough TV commercials.


  1. Both candidates are welcome to come get those dam mailers they have been sending us two and three at a time. I’ve been saving them. You can have them back. Please.

  2. Really! His campaign literature showed the governor shaking his had to make it appear he had Brown’s endorsement! He fought dirty. Well Steve Glazer does NOT speak for me!

  3. I can understand television and digital political ads but how many trees died for all those damned mailers? Glad this is over – now come get those trashy lawn signs.

  4. And there should be a size limitation on those mailers. One was so big I had to bring it in through the garage.

  5. Independent thinker my ass. One of his PACs was funded by So Cal Republican Bill Bloomfield. I know because some of the mailers I got were from him. Money and big business pulls Glazer’s strings. And yes I’d rather have someone who has unions pull his/her strings because at least unions represent the workers and not CEOs. Proletariats unite!

  6. If he can follow through on his pledge to ban Bart strikes, he’s got my vote again 2016 when he runs again.

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