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LAFAYETTE: Police Net Several Suspects After CHP Pursuit

Photo: Lafayette PD

Lafayette police and California Highway Patrol officers say they have arrested a carload of people who allegedly fled from CHP officers at around 6:30 p.m. Monday, leading officers to the end of Springhill road before abandoning their car.

CHP Information Officer John Fransen said Tuesday that one of his colleagues attempted to stop a late model Ford Mustang traveling at a high rate of speed on Highway 24 around 6:05 p.m. Monday when the driver allegedly decided not to yield to the officer’s lights and siren.

The Ford exited the freeway in Lafayette and sped up Pleasant Hill Road with officers close behind. NEWS24-680 readers described the car as having a flat tire and trailing a bumper when they saw it near Acalanes High School.

Fransen said the three occupants of the car bailed out and fled after the driver brought the Mustang to a halt at the end of Springhill Road. Police located the trio at the bottom of a creek bed in the area.

Lafayette Police Chief Eric Christensen said the jouncing, bumper-denting chase was the end result of a “CHP pursuit that came into town.”

“They asked for help so we went,” Christensen reported.



  1. I certainly hope a chase conducted past two schools was only done at this hour because school was not in session. It would certainly be worrisome if local police and CHP found it acceptable to conduct a chase past a high school and elementary school at, say, 2:30pm.

    Although I still question the decision to conduct a chase through a highly residential neighbor at 6:30pm when kids are apt to be out playing, particularly if these suspects weren’t wanted for a violent crime.

  2. Given that no innocent people were hurt, its rather a comical image to think of these idiots trying to go at a high rate of speed to the end of Springhill road. I think 10 miles an hour is a high rate of speed on that road.

    • Yes, Nap, not really sure why they made that turn but we’re certain CHP and LPD officers smiled when they did. CHP’s John Fransen says officers still trying to figure out why they ran…

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