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DANVILLE: Bicyclist Killed In Crow Canyon Road Crash


Danville police say a 55-year-old Danville bicyclist was struck and killed by a car near the intersection of Crow Canyon Road and Tassajara Ranch Drive Tuesday afternoon.

The crash was reported at 4:39 p.m. An air ambulance rushed George Kaufer, Jr. to John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek, where death was pronounced. Friends said he was on his way to a dental appointment when he was struck.

Lt. Allan Shields said the driver of the vehicle remained at the scene and has fully cooperated with police. The Danville Police Department’s Traffic Unit is conducting a detailed investigation into the cause of this collision.

Tuesday’s fatal collision was the second involving a cyclist in the San Ramon Valley. Dublin resident Herman Shum, 40, was killed in a collision with a water truck on Highland Road near Manning Road in San Ramon last December.

Crow Canyon Road was closed in the northbound direction until 10:55 p.m. Tuesday while the investigation into crash took place.


  1. Thought so. Traffic was horrible and it look like an accident. We’re so sorry to hear someone was hurt

  2. I watched a St. Mary’s kid royally chew out two bicyclists on Pleasant Hill Road yesterday. There’s definitely a conflict between drivers and riders and the cyclists are losing. The kid felt the cyclists were too far out in the road.

  3. My son also died two years ago while riding his bicycle to work. There needs to be protected bike lanes. If a car got too close to a bike, the car would hit the divider instead of the bicyclist. There are also too many distracted drivers out there & all it takes is a second of looking down at your phone & you’ve killed someone. Everyone needs to pay more attention while driving and slow down.

  4. Agree with others. Too many drivers drive their cars like the Internet. No NO no, Comcast, AT&T can’t promise you a faster arrival time, no matter how much you pay, so slow down. There’s more people than ever. More Homes going up. Is saving 5 seconds really worth it? SLOW Down and focus on the roadway not the Phone.

  5. I read an article (I’m not sure where) where a woman from the Netherlands came to the US to analyze the situation of bicyclists here. ( Everyone rides bikes in Holland and it’s fairly safe to do so there) She said that it is extremely unsafe to ride a bicycle on a road with car traffic in the US. Even where there are bike lanes, they are set up without the proper space and protection for bicyclists. I have always been fearful of riding my bike on roads with cars. After reading the article, I saw that I was correct to be afraid.

  6. The problem is not speed, or technology. The problem is NOT paying attention to the critical task at hand!!
    If drivers thought THEIR life was at risk (it is) maybe they would pay attention.

    More fear less text.
    Don’t point a loaded gun and blame someone else.

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