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VIDEO LETTER: Rheem Valley Water Waster


What angers Californians – and more specifically Lamorindans – more than Zero Dark Thirty parking lot Hoovering, howling leaf blowers, ridge line mansions and the potential ruination of their so-called, semi-rural lifestyles?

Water wasters. After all, our state government and water companies are promising to slap us with high fines, most of us are “lettin’ it mellow,” showering with buckets and dumping bricks in our loo tanks.

This Video “Letter to the Editor” comes from the Edelsohn family of Moraga. There are more coming… start messing with water around these parts and you’re going to have a fight on your hands, apparently. The Edelsohns say they called the Town to voice their displeasure. Candidly, this is the second video we have gotten on this specific waste scenario alone, soooooo…


  1. What really hits home here is the huge double standard at play here. If you’re a home water user we’ll fine you no matter how many kids you have or number of people in your household. On the other hand if you’re a retail center or public institution – water at will. What kind of message is this sending?

  2. More of this is necessary if we are going to address this issue. We are depleting natural resources at an alarming rate and fine speeches are not going to stop our advance on destruction. More people are coming, more resources are going to be utilized, more conflict lies ahead. If you think things are bad now – wait another decade.

  3. I don’t know Napoleon. I’ve encountered a lot of BART riders who apparently save water by not bathing and BART restrooms have been disabled for more than 13 years now cuz Osama. So, maybe the water waste you’re seeing is a net wash.

  4. Water is a renewable resource that just needs to be managed better. California has a peculiar way of managing public utilities. Instead of investing appropriately in long-term supply, we seek to reduce demand through eco-guilt and punitive pricing.

    Choices have consequences. As you watch your landscaping brown and die and your water bills skyrocket, consider whether the (vain, failing) attempt to save the Delta Smelt was worth it.

    Instead of adopting the Sacramento narrative and smugly filming errant sprinklers, perhaps step back and consider the broader policy issues.

  5. Sacramento’s attention should be focused on Southern California. Northern California has always done more to conserve during droughts than those living South of us because we are closer to the source and realize the importance. Brown (and his father) were originally Southern Californians and he still has ties there. Let him put the pressure where it belongs … at the other end of the California Aquaduct. Do you think Ophra is “letting it mellow”? Or George Cloony and Amal? Or Kim and Canye? I seriously doubt it. Every single celebrity down there will pay the price rather than conserve. Let us all move over and get out of their way.

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