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Money Train? Martinez, Pleasant Hill Police Seize Cash

Local police are looking into the source of all this cash. PHOTO: Martinez PD

Most of the investigation remains under wraps but we’re hearing about a joint effort by local police agencies which resulted in the seizure in $86,000 cash this week – the money believed to be proceeds from an area narcotics operation.

Detectives from Martinez and Amtrak police, working with a canine team from Pleasant Hill, made the seizure on Monday. We’re not exactly sure what part Amtrak played in this investigation and seizure but there has been conjecture that local drug rings have been using the rails to move cash and drugs around the state for some time.

The name of the suspect and other details of the investigation are not being released, as the investigation is ongoing, but we’ll have more information when it becomes available.


  1. That’s a good chunk of change. If you ask me, things started to turn bad when our young people stopped saying sir and maam.

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