Home Video Baltimore Rioter Gets Public Beatdown – From Mom

Baltimore Rioter Gets Public Beatdown – From Mom


Getting rave reviews from across the country and locally is this video snippet, captured as a Baltimore mother reportedly found her son chucking rocks at police and dealt with the issue in her own way.


  1. I watched the coverage on several different networks last night. One encouraging thing was watching a city councilmember, a preacher, a Viet Nam vet and a teacher all seperately go out into the street and appeal for calm with thier younger, more excitable neighbors. The usual group of self serving race hustlers like Al Sharpton were absent and it appeared to be a more real(and credible) response from the people it impacted most.

  2. She better be glad she doesn’t live in CA. She’d be arrested and prosecuted for child abuse.

    Every time I visit our local schools, I’m reminded why corporal punishment was a good thing.

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