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Patrick Builds An Irish Farmhouse – From Shipping Containers


If you like alternative architecture and methods, you may enjoy this snippet of the UK show “Grand Design,” which follows an innovative young Irish farmer/architect on his mission to put his family stamp on the family land – without disturbing the land.

Needless to say we loved this approach. Built for just under $200,000 US this unique structure treads lightly on the land, pays homage to the family farm property it is built on – and invites the cows up to the living room for a morning drink.

Living roof lines and lovingly framed, picture book views of the surrounding Northern Irish countryside. Even an old poem about the land etched into the glass above the bathroom sink.

We loved it. And Patrick obviously does. What say you?


  1. Like the “floating” staircase but I’d put a small glass enclosed balcony on that lip where Patty and the guy say they would dangle their legs out. It looks unfinished. But otherwise it’s way cool design and implementation. He’s got a hell of a stone mason working for him too. Those walls are brilliant. They must get a little rain in Northern Ireland!

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