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DANVILLE: No Brotherly Love For Canine Officer Saturday

PHOTO: Danville PD

We noted a small skirmish between a Danville canine officer and two men outside The Livery on our Facebook Page Saturday night, noted that things got nasty and that the officer’s canine partner brought things to a swift and resolute conclusion.

Town spokesman Geoff Gillette confirmed that Officer Tyler Nelson was on patrol near The Livery at 11:15 p.m. when Nelson spotted two men allegedly acting in a disorderly fashion. Nelson reported that as he and his canine partner, Rony, approached the men he observed that they were allegedly yelling at a maintenance worker, Gillette said.

Things went south when Nelson intervened, police said, and the two men – later identified as Fredrick and Franklin Howard, both 49, of Danville – allegedly “turned on him.”

One thing the Howards might have known beforehand but most assuredly do now is that police dogs are extremely protective of their human partners. Rony did what K9 officers do and, after a bite was reportedly inflicted on one of the Howards, the pair was subdued as fellow officers arrived on the scene and peace was restored.

Both men were charged with resisting an executive officer and transported to the Martinez Detention Facility, according to police. It’s not known what Rony got when he went off duty but we’d venture it had something to do with steak.


  1. Good looking, squared away and well groomed officer with great bearing and poise – and the humans ain’t bad either.

  2. Lots of strange little incidents happening around here lately, many of them ending up on your site. I wonder if people are just feeling more pressure or if it’s because the weather is better or what.

  3. No hero’s here this was a botched up covered up dog mauling case soon to be dismissed… you people actually believe this crap ? Im veteran detective good nite sheeple enjoy your fake democracy…

  4. Lies and more lies what a disgrace my son is a police officer and Im a detective absolutely discracefull!

  5. These brothers need help. If anyone would give them a mental evaluation it would be crystal clear they are not in a stable frame of mind. I spoke with one brother at length after this incident and it was clear he is in need of mental health therapy.
    but its easier to lock them up and let the police abuse them and get them sent to prison.
    Its sad , But I guess thats all that can be done for them if they are violent. right?

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