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Would You Wear Mr. Cook’s Watch?

Tim Cook and two products - one selling well, the other untested.

Wearable technology may look great and work flawlessly in futuristic movies (remember the cool “do everything” earpiece linking Joaquin Phoenix to his operating system-lover in Her?), but they seem to be having trouble out in the real world.

Google’s infamous glasses were shelved pretty quickly after the devices were either snatched or slapped off their wearers’ faces during real world encounters in San Francisco bars and elsewhere users were brave enough to wear them out in public.

And now, with the Smart Watch coming to market later this month, Mr. Cook’s and Apple’s version of it that is, there have been others, and we have to wonder – would you wear one?

Granted, shelling out the dough for one is probably not going to get you bitch-slapped in a dive bar like those geeky glasses, but are there other reasons to be wary? Like its massive battery drain, its screen size, its need to be close to its mommy – an iPhone, and well, that cost thing we mentioned.

Now, we don’t wear much jewelry anyway, for a variety of seemingly legitimate-sounding reasons. Although we have lots of Apple stock and other gadgets lying about, this cute little number just doesn’t sound like it’s for us. How about you? Want your biorhythms monitored? Need to know what the weather is like in Tokyo without pulling out your iPhone Plus?

Or does the coolness factor of just being the first on your block or in your household to own an Apple Watch make it all worthwhile? You tell us…


  1. I predict it will do well in Asia and maybe among some young techies here. It’s not for me I wouldn’t be able to see the screen.

  2. I’ll be ordering four of them shortly after midnight on Friday (one for me, three I gave as Xmas gifts). I think it will be insanely great. Life is too short to not have good toys.

  3. Editor,

    Way back in the start of Silicon Valley, the VERB for rapid development and commercialization of technology (silicon electronics), it has always been the question of “Who asked you to do it, and how and when do they want to buy?” For Apple, the years of failure for various wearable technologies presented to markets without request by technologists that assumed “the world would beat a path to their door,” provided definition of the pitfalls and pratfalls of wearables. Like Google Glass, we will see how major consumer markets react beyond tekkies that simply love to play with technology.

    Hal, CDSI Research Fellowship

  4. Crazy busy at the San Francisco Apple Store this world. I’m really surprised to see how many people are interested in acquiring this watch. Apple has an unusual approach to marketing and fulfillment that seems to work and stirs people up into a frenzy. I was surprised to see the level of interest in this product.

  5. I started attempting to order at 12:01 am Friday morning (thurs night). Got through first order with the earliest delivery slot (4/24). Took me until 12:18 am to order the four on my shopping list (one per address, so you need to do sep orders), two of which were already back-ordered until 4-6 weeks. By morning, all popular models were sold out until June or July. One crazy side effect is Ebay scalpers charging 2-3X MSRP based on popularity of the band. Do people not know that you can order bands separately and that they are interchangeable? That’s what I did.

    I can’t wait to use Apple Pay with the Watch, use it as a hotel key, glance at it for walking directions and new text messages, use as a never-burried-in-couch remote control, etc., etc.

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