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Senate Candidate Glazer Asks Bonilla To Join Him In “Clean Government” Pledge


Senate District 7 Candidate – and current Orinda mayor – Steve Glazer Monday asked opponent Assemblywoman Susan Bonilla to join him in making five “clean government” promises to “improve public confidence in our lawmaking process by scaling back the corrosive influence of campaign contributions, gifts and secret agreements.”

Glazer’s five pledges include a refusal to accept gifts, meals and drinks from groups influencing the lawmaking process; a ban on accepting campaign contributions during times when most laws are passed; and a commitment to publicly release secret candidate questionnaires.

The candidate also asked for a ban on tax-free per diem payments for work in the State Capitol on weekends and holidays when a legislator is not present, and a prohibition on giving special interest campaign contributions to family members in the form of payment for services.

“Voters expect an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay,” said Glazer. “It is wrong to receive tax free Per Diem expenses for work in the State Capitol when you are at home on weekends and holidays.”
The per diem rate is set by the State Board of Control and is currently set at $168 per day.
Last month, Glazer asked Bonilla to sign a transparency pledge requiring public release of all answers to special interest questionnaires. Glazer has not filled out any of these surveys, according to a release issued by his campaign,but has posted his positions on numerous issues on his webpage for all to see at GlazerforSenate.com. So far, again according to the Glazer campaign, Bonilla has declined to share her answers.
“In the final days of each legislative year when hundreds of proposed laws hang in the balance, special interests shower lawmakers with campaign contributions, gifts, food and drinks,” said Glazer. “I support a ban on gifts at all times and a prohibition against taking campaign money from these lobbying entities during the most impactful time in the legislative calendar.”
District 7 includes the communities of Alamo, Antioch, Bay Point, Bethel Island, Blackhawk, Brentwood, Byron, Clayton, Concord, Danville, Diablo, Discovery Bay, Dublin, Lafayette, Moraga, Oakley, Orinda, Pacheco, Pittsburg, Pleasanton, San Ramon, Sunol and Walnut Creek.

The general election deciding whether Bonilla or Glazer will occupy the District 7 seat will be held Tuesday, May 19.


  1. Pretty smart move to push to expose how much control that organized labor exerts over the California Democratic party machinery.

    Of course, the power comes from the silence following the reasonable request for disclosure.

  2. I’m voting for Glazer but he darn well better try his best to block BART strikes or I will never cast another vote for him even if it’s for dog catcher. I realize he might not be able to actually stop BART strikes but I sure as heck better see him try.

  3. Editor,

    The depth of issues in this campaign remain superficial and very political, likely impossible to solve once in Sacramento. The only solutions that are important is how candidates actually view issues in depth.

    Solving BART union strikes only leave a tired transit system that needs significant technology updates outside the capabilities of the board, management and operations.

    Solving the State Democratic machine politics only leaves other parties and political interests to dis-serve our regions, communities and neighborhoods.

    Truly, trying to solve the blind political self-service of CCC-BOS current and alumni members is dangerous in their retaliation.

    Wouldn’t we be well served if we could know the full scope of issues important to our next State Senator?


  4. My mailbox chooses for whom I’ll vote. About 3 each from the candidates; about 50 from the “Special Interests” for Bonilla 2 from SIGs for Glazer. I even received a “fake” email claiming to be from the Concord Police Officers Assn on her behalf.

    A little research found it to be fictitious. An email to the lawyers for the supposed group seems to have worked.

  5. Agree with Mr. Hightower. The endless stream of campaign propaganda fills my mailbox now every day. It’s a huge turnoff.

  6. Dear Mr. and Madam Candidate: here’s my promise to you, the first one of you NOT to send me one of your bullshit campaign mailings for the next three days will get my vote. How’s that? 5 today and they all went into the trash.

  7. The newest Voter Information Guide arrived on the 17th. The Registrar of Voters *finally* tells us 49¢ or “Forever” stamp. Complaining some times gets results. Even in English!

    A trusted source informs me that candidate Bonilla has not responded to this challenge. But her glossy flyers from “Labor” org’s continue unabated.

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