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WALNUT CREEK: Heightened Awareness – But No Danger – At Las Lomas High


A scrawled message on a bathroom wall resulted in an increased police presence at Walnut Creek’s Las Lomas High School Tuesday – but no threat materialized and police stressed the campus is safe.

The message identified today as the date for an act of violence at the school, police said, and subsequent social media may have contributed to the anxiety of parents.

“We, of course, take every threat seriously…” Walnut Creek Police Lt. Lanny Edwards said. “… I’ve had uniforms and plainclothes officers on campus all day.  We have found nothing that shows any credibility to the graffiti threat, but to err on the side of caution, were keeping uniforms on campus all day.”

A flurry of social media posts, reportedly by students, may have exacerbated concerns, according to police and some parents who contacted NEWS24-680.  

“I feel confident saying the campus is safe and if parents feel the need to remove their children, they are free to do so,” Edwards said.

Dispelling some social media posts, police said no one has been identified as the perpetrator of the “threat,” and no weapon of any kind has been recovered.


  1. This happened again today! August 25, 2016. My daughter is a Black student at Las Lomas. There was a threat of violence directed at the Black Student Body. Specifically, it was a message written with a sharping, threatening to “kill the black ni&&ers”

    There was no increased police presence after the message was discovered, the school was not evacuated as with previous written threats, and most egregiously none of the parents were contacted.

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