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LAFAYETTE: Neighbor, Technology, Police Head Off Potential Burglary

Lafayette police credit a sharp-eyed neighbor and technology with heading off a potential burglary in their city Monday.

A carload of visitors who allegedly shoplifted a box of latex gloves prior to what police say was a reconnaissance for a random burglary in the city were thwarted Monday by a sharp-eyed neighbor, the unblinking eye of neighborhood cameras, and the steady eye of police.

Things got underway at 11:57 am. Monday when a neighbor reported a suspicious car parked in the driveway of his neighbor’s home in the area of Oak Hill and Orchard roads. Officers responded, the neighbor updating his call to report that the car, occupied by four young men in their 20s, had left the area. A direction of travel was given.

A motorcycle officer spotted the car a short time later, his dispatcher advising him that the car had reportedly been spotted leaving the scene of an earlier shoplifting incident in town during which a box of latex gloves were allegedly taken.

The officer pulled the car over and contact was made with the occupants of the car, who reportedly attempted to provide false names and backgrounds until police – using mobile fingerprint readers – were able to determine who was who, according to police.

One was found to be on parole for robbery, with a warrant for his arrest for being a parolee-at-large. He was arrested for the warrant and for providing false information to a peace officer. Another was found to be on parole and had provided false information as well. The third individual was identified as the subject who had stolen from the store and was also arrested. The remaining subject was positively identified and released at the scene.

Their car was towed by the police department and the arrested subjects transported to the jail. No names or hometowns were provided by police.

A canvas of the area where the original call of a “suspicious vehicle” originated determined that one of the men detained by police had knocked on the front door of a home apparently selected at random, asking if “Michael” lived at the residence.

Police believe the four were casing homes for a potential break-in.


  1. Cameras. License plater scanners. Mobile fingerprint readers. Yea baby, you don mess with Lafayette!! We got the shit!! Now let’s work on weaponizing those drones………

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